Book Publishing with ISBN!

Green Bay Digital is pleased to announce that we are an authorized book publisher! What does that exactly mean? Well we are now authorized to produce government and industry standard ISBN numbers for books.  That means that your book will be scannable and sellable through book clubs, online, retail book stores and just about anywhere in the world!

 We have already published a couple of books without ISBN's for local groups who were selling door to door, but we are excited for our release of a children's book written by a local author Judy Hamilton.  The book, called "The Newfoundland Groundhog...,a day to remember", is a wonderful story about a "Newfoundland" groundhog who makes a new friend! This book is an excellent size for children of all ages, with great art work by a local artist, Kristain Wiseman. Bright pictures and a fun story will ensure that this book becomes your children's favorite story!

We are also working on two other books. A children's book By Cavell Simms called, "Storytime by the Sea". We are working on a second edition with a stiff cover instead of the original soft cover. Secondly, we published a book of poetry written by our very own Max Osmond son of the late Gladys Osmond. This book will be a tribute to his mother, and how she was well known for her letter writing to the soldiers of the Canadian Military.

We are very excited about these books, and will also include any book we publish in our online store on

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