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Need A Sign? 5 Tips to get the best ROI...

Posted by Fred Grothe on Friday, January 17, 2014 Under: Sign Tips
Are you in the market of a sign? Did you know that every business needs a logo and a sign? Branding your company is important as it will become identifiable and will bring back repeat business. When you are looking specifically for a sign there are a few things that you need to think about before you agree to a design and actually put money down for your sign.

1. What is the purpose of your sign?
This is the main thing to think about, and yet most of my customers have never actually thought about this directly.  The purpose of your sing will ultimately determine the size and design of said sign.  The purpose of your sign will determine the location of your sign.  For example, if your business is not on a main road and you would like to attract more customers then a half or full car wrap would be more effective than a building or road sign. But, if your business is on a main street then a street sign would be great.  Then you need to determine if you'll need a back-lit sign, a reflective sign or a laminated outdoor sign. The purpose of your sign will determine the best kind of sign for your business.

2. What kind of traffic will be viewing your sign?
The type of traffic that will be viewing your sign will also determine the size and design of the sign. Walking traffic can read more and are willing to read smaller print than driving traffic. The designer should know the minimum size of font for the type of traffic that you are trying to reach. For example: You don't want a list of bullet-ed points on a road sign as drivers can read only up to 4 or 5 distinct, concise sentences/phrases about your business as they drive by.

3. What kind of advertising solution do you need?
Finally, let me touch on a broad topic. What kind of advertising solution are you trying to fill with your sign? Are you trying to create a noticeable name for you business? Are you trying to attract more customers? Are you doing both? Are you trying to identify a storefront for potential clients? Are you trying to spread the word about your company?  All of these questions need to be addressed. You may need a half car wrap and a medium sized store sign.  You may need a full car wrap and a large sign. You may just need a car wrap, and then place your car in strategic places around town.  You may need a back-lit sign.  There are so many options when it comes to signs, that you'll need to discuss what kind of solution you are looking for. 

In summary the next time you purchase a sign please don't look at a beautiful design and think that is perfect! Instead decide were it is going and determine if anyone will actually get to read or see it.  A simple bold sign is usually more effective than a full beautiful one.  I've passed many signs on the Trans Canada Highway that were impossible to read, but were very beautiful to see. If only I knew were that company was actually located I might pay them a visit!

Have a great day!
Frederick Grothe
Owner: Green Bay Digital (Signs, Printing, Publishing, Design, Office)

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