As we are a quick print shop we offer a variety of over the counter copy services along with our other services.

Copy services range from copying 1 sheet to 1,000's of sheets.  We offer Black and White or Full Colour copies.  You can bring your originals in and we can copy them or you can email us your print ready files and we can print them directly to your desired paper and size. 

We also offer a variety of enlargement services from small documents to photos.  We can do a quick enlargement on the spot or you can leave your originals with us and we can do a more comprehensive enlargement that can include cleaning up photos or making your documents more readable.

Below is a list of our current over the counter copy pricing:

Letter size copies:     Black and White    $0.25  (1-25 copies)

Legal size copies:      Black and White    $0.30  (1-25 copies)

Ledger size copies:   Black and White    $0.50  (1-25 copies)

Letter size copies:      Colour                     $0.50  (1-25 copies)

Legal size copies:       Colour                     $0.75  (1-25 copies)

Ledger size copies:    Colour                     $1.00  (1-25 copies)

(for larger amounts there are quantity prices available please call for the best price)

email printing services would be the same as above.

enlargement fee is $1.50

scanning to file fee is $2.00

email service is $1.00 per email