Sign Services

We at Green Bay Digital pride ourselves in expanding into the sign manufacturing industry.  Wide format printing is one of the fastest and largest growing industries world wide.  We specialize in Dibond aluminium composite and Coroplast vinyl plastic signs.  However, we also implement the "YES WE CAN MOTTO" so we will make almost any kind of sign or know where we can get it.

You can get different qualities of out-door signs.

Un-laminated, which will start fading after about 3 years max.

Cast Laminated, which will add up to 5 years of life to the sign

Calendared Laminated, which will add up to 3 years of life to the sign

Dibond aluminium will last for over 10 years in the elements (the board should outlast the graphics!)

Coroplast vinyl will last for a maximum of 5 years in the elements (the graphics usually outlast the board!)

All of our signs are printed on quality vinyl with brand eco-solvent inks. We take care and pride in our work, and all signs are finished by hand.  We will install our signs at an extra cost if required.


When deciding to purchase a sign you will need to consider the long term investment value of a sign.  Anyone can make a cheap sign, but they will not last more than a couple of years at best.  You may have to purchase a new sign every 2 or 3 years, which will eventually add up.  Paying more for a higher quality sign may be harder on the pocket book at first, but will pay dividends in the future when your sign outlasts the competition!  Plan carefully, and buy a sign from us that will last you a long time!

See our blog post for How to Prep for Buying a Sign.

For more information or to order your sign call us: (709) 673-4585

We will also design your logo and/or sign for you so that you don't have to shop elsewhere for the graphics.